F-M Dog Obedience School Dog fetch Relaxing time. Couple with dogs.

Utilize your dog to help others

Turn your dog into a service dog

Teach your dog how to be helpful to others by enrolling them in a quality therapy program. Your dog can be used in numerous places including:


- Nursing homes

- Schools

- Hospitals

- Other facilities

Do you need a service dog? We can help build your dog into a certified service dog with a little training with our experts.


Our goal is to improve the health and daily living in life and this course includes to enhance verbal and motor skills, hand signals, an introduction to the games used in our therapy work to help improve, instruction on hand signals and getting your dog to work for others.


Dogs have the capability to do so much. Whether you want to teach your dog agility or learn them to hunt, we offer classes to help get them trained.


Your dog can do so much more.